River Creel Cottage
Quiet, back door to white river and country comfort......is waiting for you.

1369 River Road in Lakeview AR


 The listing below reveals that the cabin is rented for that particular week day, weekend or week. 


 The cabin is rented May30-June2nd, 2016.

Happy Anniversary!!!

 The cabin is rented June 17-19th, 2016.

 The cabin is rented June 24-26th, 2016.

 The cabin is rented July1-July8th, 2016.

 The Cabin is rented October2-October9, 2016.

 Note the rest of the 2016 calendar is open but requests are first come, first serve basis and determined by the owner.  Please use the contact area to the right for faster service and assurance of your requested dates.